Saturday, November 24, 2012

Look of the DAY ;)

                                                                      My Saturday Look 

Hey, how was you Saturday? Mine, working. This morning didn't know what to wear, then just mixed up something and here I am (as you can see at the pic). Usually I wake up and while, I'm drinking  a cup of coffee & milk, and trying to open an eye I think, what it would probably be my look. And the funny thing is that I never wear what I think, when I'm sitting on my sofa. You know why? Because when I go to my closet, and see what's in it, I understand that, I  have to wear that because I missed it, but then it's that new dress, and oh I really, really want to wear that skirt with my new shirt...but in the end I wear exactly the opposite of what I was thinking about, because between wearing this and putting on that, I find myself ready for the accessories, ( never get out without them, but sincerely NEVER) and this is so fun. I enjoy this part, mixing the colors of my accessories, the shapes, and everything. But today I  felt to wear black and red, just like our flag and our 100 Anniversary of my Country. It can be dirty, hot, with rumors, cold, strange, dear, but I LOVE IT, cause it's my place. And that's why I'm here not to Milan, Paris, New York, or everywhere else (don't mind to go there as a tourist :) or to the fashion week but wanna live here). And when I finished dressing with the black color of the eagle, and the red color of the blood, I was ready & fresh to open the door of the world, and go to live a new day. So, before I went out just took this pic & posted now, cause even though was Saturday my day was very crashed and intense. But anyway I'm here now, and happy to share with you my look of the day. xoxo  M.O  

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