Monday, December 10, 2012

My Look Of The DAY :)

Today's Look 

Yes, it is brrrrrr. That means so so cold, but we can't stay home or @ office all the time, & we can't look ugly either. So we just need to mix colors and wear warm. I was happy because I didn't feel like ice when I was hanging out and the colors gave me life. We need a lot colors in winter, so that we don't look yellow faced and red nose :P. Mostly I use red or cherry colored lipstick cause this makes you look more alive in the grey winter days. Glasses are important too cause the wind makes you cry :P and glasses help you stay clean :P and for those that use optical lenses like me they're very important because they protect your eyes from the smog and dirty wind . I use a lot hats, different types, the keep you warm and you create you own identity and they're stylish (at least to me).  So that's all about my look of the day. xoxo M.O      

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